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5 Awesome Ways To Increase Event Registration And Boost Ticket Sales

The most important priority for the event managers is event registration. More event registrations mean more success. So, the event managers make sure that their event is well attended and is the top-of-the-stack priority.

An event is nothing without the guests, so you must work hard to identify the key targets that increase your event’s growth. Low registrations can affect your endorsement deals; sponsorship deals, in turn, will affect your revenue. So apart from a good location and speakers, you need a packed house for your event to be successful.

Combat the low registrations, we have put forward a list of five of the best tactics to help you:

How to increase event registrations?

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Get the influencers on board

Influencers are highly active people on social media with a very loyal fan base or followers. You might not be able to afford an influencer with a million followers, but micro-influencers are also prevailing in reaching an audience. These influencers have a target audience, not some universal audience like the kinds celebrities have. These influencers have their audience in a specific geographic location, so to promote your event, they are the best to increase Event Registration.

You can look for these influencers in the Instagram explore tab and research about the previous commitments. Partner with them, offer them your products or money in return, and tell them how this handshake will be mutually beneficial.

Perfect your social copy

To stand out and get the reach in today’s world, you need to be associated with social media. TV ads or newspapers are becoming obsolete because of the power of social media. You need to maintain your end of the bargain on these platforms. Go for the ads of your events from time to time. Put up stories about fun activities that are going to take place at your event. The best thing to get people engaged is to put pictures and videos of old-events this will definitely increase your Event Registration.

Ways To Increase Event Registration

Offer convenience with different areas

Offering convenience through different channels will decrease the constraints of people not signing up for your events. Some people may have transport issues, and some may have payment issues. You can set up free transportation from different areas of the city or maybe start a rideshare movement to share the transport. Also, getting the various platforms to pay out their payment is an excellent way to make them feel like you.

Organize Contests and offer group registrations

Contests are an excellent way to create buzz. People are competitive, and they like competition, so they’ll be more attracted to you when there are giveaways, and it will excite the world around you. You can also motivate people by offering them group discounts if they register together. In this way, people will ask their close friends to come to join them as well getting you more audience in return.

Exploit the power of customer reviews

Social proof and customer reviews are areas that people look into when they’re thinking about attending your event. So, make sure to attach some of those reviews to your website. You can also contact past attendees to make a little video about the experience they had with you in the past.

WP Event Manager:

The best way to increase your event registration and its attraction is by having a great and welcoming website. The WP Event Manager plugin lets you achieve that. Using its customizable templates and themes, you can give your website a beautiful appearance. It does not just end here; it also has technical functionality like front-end forms, easy event classification, and multiple views incorporated in it. You also get a calendar addon that you can use to manage your tasks. Using this plugin, you’ll most likely boost your event registration.

Increase Event Registration With Wp Event Manager

Final word

Event registrations can be a tricky process. So, don’t worry if your last event wasn’t successful. Follow this guide to increase your event registrations and get more audience.

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